Berman Lab at the QCRI

Refining clinical targets, changing patient lives.

We discover and evaluate novel biomarkers and therapeutic targets to improve the lives of patients with bladder and prostate cancer. Integrating information from massive genomic databases, our own experimental studies, and carefully curated human biospecimens, our powerful approach creates results. We have ongoing projects developing and refining a wide variety of biomarkers to guide clinical management.

A rotating cog of a histology image featuring pink- and purple-stained urothelial cancer cells.
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Molecular and image-based biomarkers that guide patient care

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Image analysis paired with bioinformatics and machine learning

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Combining genomics, epigenomics, and proteomics

Our mission

We train the next generation of cancer researchers while developing diagnostic and prognostic tests to guide cancer management.

Two smiling students engaged in cancer projects at Berman Lab.
Three smiling students surrounded by laboratory equipment in Berman Lab.
A closeup of the ViiA™ 7 qPCR gene sequencing system.
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Our students learn about cancer: how to diagnose it, how it grows and spreads, and how it is treated. They also learn how to study it, using a variety of powerful data analysis techniques. It all comes together in designing new ways to improve cancer care.

We work in an interdisciplinary team environment, integrating data scientists, pathologists, urologists, industry partners with whom we are developing commercial image analysis algorithms for research and clinical use, and other scientists and doctors as required.

Some of the organizations with which we have collaborated

Ontario Institute for Cancer Research
Kingston Health Sciences Centre
The Movember Foundation
Hamilton Health Sciences
Halo by Indica Lab